Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Why Still Care About Israel?" by Sandra Teplinsky

Wonderfully written and researched, Teplinsky does a phenomenal job of articulating the swirl of controversy surrounding Israel.  She uses Bible verses from both the New and Old Testament to show that the Bible in no way supports the idea that God is done with or doesn't care about Israel anymore.  She touches upon replacement theology as well as Antisemitism.  There is even a section of the book that goes through Church history and how there have been countless edicts throughout the years that have tried to rid Christianity of its Jewish roots--sometimes killing Jews in the process.  Another interesting part of the book dives deep into how the media does not portray Israel accurately.  There is even a vague reference to a Italian photojournalist who, in 2011, did an expose on how much media from the Middle East is staged (Google Ruben Salvadori).  Teplinsky also goes in depth on fundamentalist Islam and what the Quran says on eradicating Israelities.  This is an eye-opening read for people of all faiths that will make people think twice before demonizing a persecuted people who is currently fighting for its right to exist.  I also liked how the author threw in Yeshua and Yahweh in her vocabulary of this text.

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