Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Trapped" by Irene Hannon

Full of suspense and wonder, this books will keep you turning the pages in anticipation of both good and bad news.  As Laura's step sister goes missing, she begins to develop a relationship with the PI she has hired.  At the same time, Darcy--the runaway teen--ends up staying with a new friend.  Most stories that focus on runaways or kidnaps are pretty one-sided.  In other words, you know right away who the "bad guy" is.  However, Hannon managed to pull of a literary feat by not immediately letting the reader know who was good and who was bad.  Until you make sufficient headway in the book, you really don't know whether you admire or hate Darcy's friend.  When the story goes sour for Darcy (I won't tell you who is the "bad guy"), it gets serious.  In many stories where women are kidnapped, there is usually some rape involved.  In this story, there is none of that, but it does not seem any less real.  Hannon paints a picture of a criminal who is obsessive compulsive and who has control issues, planning on eventually raping Darcy.  However, that never happens.  The reason why I bring this up is because most people want the suspense of a kidnap story but don't want the depressing and graphic details of a young girl being violated.  While there is some violence in the book, I would not classify it as R rated.  Overall, this book is appropriate for women of all ages and will be a good teaching / discussion tool for young women to teach them the dangers of who they trust.  As you will find out, the "bad guy" doesn't always seem that bad at first.

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