Thursday, August 15, 2013

"Sticking Points" by Haydn Shaw

As someone who works with a variety of coworkers from different generations, this book stood out to me.  I found it interesting how Shaw broke up most people into a couple generational groups and then delved deep into what makes those people who they are.  Shaw focuses on what he calls ghost stories, which are essentially historical events that shaped each generation.  From financial changes to terrorism to technological updates, this book explains how and why each generation is different than the others.  Shaw also gives readers steps for overcoming generational differences, along with stories of both good and bad examples of conflict resolution.  This book is great for companies, managers, employers, and just readers in general.  Besides being applicable to the workforce, this book will also help friends and family better understand each other.  As you will learn from this book, we're all speaking the same language.

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