Monday, August 5, 2013

"On Distant Shores" by Sarah Sundin

“On Distant Shores” by Sarah Sundin is set in the World War II era.  Georgie is a nurse, and Hutch is a pharmacist.  Both have fiancés—“sweethearts”—back home.  However, while both are away from their significant others, they develop a relationship with each other that starts out as friendship and grows into something more.  Georgie misses Ward but is frustrated when he doesn’t support her goals.  Hutch misses his fiancé but is frustrated when she seems too distant.  Both remain loyal to their fiancés until drastic events in the book take place.  What drastic events are these?  Read the book and find out for yourself.  The detail in this book was sufficient for a historical fiction novel taking place in the 1940s.  Readers will see the sights of Rome as they follow the war torn characters.  There is a bit of astronomy discussed, along with Greek mythology.  Both characters are religious in the book and religion comes up every now and then with regards to quoting Bible verses and trusting in “the lord.” 

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