Monday, August 19, 2013

"Icing on the Cake" by Janice A. Thompson

There’s an overweight baker who happens to catch the eye of a muscular heartthrob.  Baker Scarlet may consider herself too fat, but Armando’s cultural background causes him not to view her as heavy (to him, she’s “normal”).  Also, Scarlet has another gentleman caller in her life called Kenny.  This book gives a good lesson to girls that their weight won’t necessary keep guys away.  That isn’t to say women shouldn’t strive to stay healthy and eat their vegetables.  Readers learn from Scarlet’s life how true diet and exercise are better than any “crash diet” out there.  Girls who may not be a size 2 will know that they can still be viewed as attractive.  Another interesting part of the book was how real life events—from other characters—were woven into the story.  This wasn’t just some cute love story with 2 characters being the center of the universe.  No.  In Thompson’s book, we learn about the struggles and joys of Scarlet’s friends, her extended family, and even Armando’s family.  This makes the book more connectable to the reader.  Not everything in the book is realistic, but there’s just enough plausibility to make you want to keep turning the pages.  J     

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