Monday, July 1, 2013

“Prairie Song” by Mona Modgson

This book is set in the post civil war time period.  The main protagonists are moving across America to venture out west for a brighter future.  One is a widow, while the other is a woman who just abandoned her soon-to-be-husband at the altar.  The drama between the woman and the man she abandoned at the altar could have been played upon, but unfortunately it wasn’t.  The two left on good terms, closing the door on any readers’ expectations for conflict.  A captain has his eye on the widow, but she is cold to him since he delivered the news of her late husband’s death.  A trail hand worker and Miss Cold Feet both think ill of each other and find the other detestable.  However, that doesn’t stay that way for long.  There is also drama when certain characters are accused of stealing and when certain characters are fighting the deadly addiction of alcohol.  What I liked about this book was how it paralleled two love stories.  So many books just focus on one.  My only complaint about this book is the binding.  The margins are not wide enough, so you have to bend the book extra far to read certain parts.  However, overall, this was an entertaining read that held my attention.

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