Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Perfecting Kate" by Tamara Leigh

When I first cracked this book open, I was expecting it to "get good" at maybe around page 100.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I was hooked into the story-line in the first chapter alone.  I get lots of books to review, and this is a rarity.  The style with which Leigh writes makes you feel as if you are right inside Kate's shoes.  Kate's a short and--um, er--pleasantly plump thirty-something single woman.  She suffers from infertility and was dumped pre-altar from her fiance when he discovered she could not conceive.  This artist is depressed and lets herself go.  One day, she is stopped on the street for a makeover, which will be featured in an upcoming style / fashion magazine.  She obliges and then starts to go out with the makeup artist who found her.  However, things get complicated when she also becomes interested in a local client she is painting for.  Emotions flare as Kate's boyfriend tries to change her and as Kate struggles to find her faith.  I won't reveal too much, since this is a book you'll want to savor for yourself.  While there is romance in this book, it is not graphic.  There really isn't any swearing.  This are religious undertones but nothing too pushy.  Many women will find themselves connecting to Kate at some point.  She's an average woman who yearns to be herself but isn't quite sure how.  Read this book and find out how she figures it out.  A great read.   


Diane Estrella said...

Awesome review! Thanks for your thoughts on this book.

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