Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Strangers on the High Sea" by Carole P. Roman

Cute and colorful, this book is an adventure book for children that will teach them life lessons and give them giggles.  In this installment of the "A Captain No Beard Series," baby Cayla comes along for the fun.  The captain and first mate try their best to keep Cayla safe and out of harm's way.  When a scary ship approaches them, the crew ask what they should do.  After some discussion, it is decided to go with what they know and not talk to strangers.  As the foreign ship approaches, the crew gets scared, and we even see how ominous the other crew looks--with a crab and pit bull!  However, the strangers eventually leave for a surprising reason.  This reason is one I will not spoil.  Find out for yourself; it will give you a laugh.  The illustrations are very well done, and the font is appropriate.  In some pictures, the crew holds baby Cayla in dangerous positions--sitting on the captain's shoulders, being held sideways like a doll with one hand, etc.  For children with younger baby siblings, this could be a good teaching moment for parents to tell their children how not to hold babies.    

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