Monday, May 20, 2013

"Brood X" by Michael Phillip Cash

When I start reading any book to review, I see how I like it.  If I find it boring or just bad in general, I tend to just rush through it.  However, very rarely do I get a book that I disdain so much that I can not even bear to finish it and have to just put it down.  This book is one of those.  The book started off crudely with talk of drugs / alcohol.  But I put up with that and kept reading.  Then, there is a crude remark about a woman's rear end.  This was frustrating.  Then, there were X-rated writing and references to porno.  This was the point where I just had to put the book down.  I was expecting a book about cicadas, not some perverted fantasy novel.  This book is downright disgusting, and I am recycling it.  People may not like my opinion, but I am entitled to my opinion.  I am not a paid reviewer.  I review books for free and give my sincere opinion.  Women ought to avoid this disgusting book that will offend them.  Men ought to avoid this perverted book, leave fantasy land, ask a real 3D woman out, and treat her with respect. Females are not objects and--unlike insects--they have more to do in this life than reproduce.

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