Monday, May 20, 2013

"Brood X" by Michael Phillip Cash

When I start reading any book to review, I see how I like it.  If I find it boring or just bad in general, I tend to just rush through it.  However, very rarely do I get a book that I disdain so much that I can not even bear to finish it and have to just put it down.  This book is one of those.  The book started off crudely with talk of drugs / alcohol.  But I put up with that and kept reading.  Then, there is a crude remark about a woman's rear end.  This was frustrating.  Then, there were X-rated writing and references to porno.  This was the point where I just had to put the book down.  I was expecting a book about cicadas, not some perverted fantasy novel.  This book is downright disgusting, and I am recycling it.  People may not like my opinion, but I am entitled to my opinion.  I am not a paid reviewer.  I review books for free and give my sincere opinion.  Women ought to avoid this disgusting book that will offend them.  Men ought to avoid this perverted book, leave fantasy land, ask a real 3D woman out, and treat her with respect. Females are not objects and--unlike insects--they have more to do in this life than reproduce.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Strangers on the High Sea" by Carole P. Roman

Cute and colorful, this book is an adventure book for children that will teach them life lessons and give them giggles.  In this installment of the "A Captain No Beard Series," baby Cayla comes along for the fun.  The captain and first mate try their best to keep Cayla safe and out of harm's way.  When a scary ship approaches them, the crew ask what they should do.  After some discussion, it is decided to go with what they know and not talk to strangers.  As the foreign ship approaches, the crew gets scared, and we even see how ominous the other crew looks--with a crab and pit bull!  However, the strangers eventually leave for a surprising reason.  This reason is one I will not spoil.  Find out for yourself; it will give you a laugh.  The illustrations are very well done, and the font is appropriate.  In some pictures, the crew holds baby Cayla in dangerous positions--sitting on the captain's shoulders, being held sideways like a doll with one hand, etc.  For children with younger baby siblings, this could be a good teaching moment for parents to tell their children how not to hold babies.    

"If You Were Me and Lived in France" by Carole P. Roman

This colorful little book is a helpful guide for youngsters who want to learn more about France.  With this book, children will learn France's capital, geographic location, and popular monuments.  Readers will also learn popular terms, such as currency, boys' names, girls' names, places of shopping, sports, and more.  At the back of the book is a guide for how to phonetically pronounce said French words.  In terms of cultural diversity, this book is great at promoting racial tolerance and friendship.  I also liked how the illustrations included different types of people in France.  Not everyone looked the same, and there were even black people.  The fact that not everyone in a different country looks the same is a lesson children should learn early on.  In one part of the book that addresses France's independence, there is a drawing with soldiers holding guns.  Whether or not adults like that is up to them, and they may use their own discretion.  However, the soldiers are marching and not shooting anyone in the picture.  Speaking of illustrations, I liked the use of graphics for the little girl's shirt in this book.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

"A Noble Groom" by Jody Hedlund

This book is about a young widow who is waiting for her new future groom (a stranger) to immigrate to America.  However, in the meantime, a mysterious man shows up and wins her heart before he arrives.  What's interesting about this book is how much it surprises you.  For instance, readers will be taken off guard when they realize that there is a word play with the title.  They will also be surprised when they realize when and where this book takes place.

Overall, this book held my attention.  I was able to read it in a day, albeit with some breaks in between.  The romance in this novel is not graphic, so that is nice.  My only complaint about this book is that I wanted more depth.  It wasn't until the end of the book that the widow's intended groom shows up, and there was very little dialog (or argument)  between him and the mysterious man.  I would have wanted more of that and more drama.  Still, this book was very well written.

There was some action and drama as the troubles of the poor in this time period and location were addressed.  There was also murder and fire and blackmail.  When's the movie coming out?  :)