Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Learn to Tie a Tie with the Rabbit and the Fox" by Sybrina Durant and Illustrated by Donna Marie Naval

This book is a cute little story for teaching young ones how to tie ties.  Got a young boy who thinks ties are annoying?  Show him that ties are fun with this adventurous story.  While the main audience is little children, I must admit that people of all ages can learn how to tie a tie with this book.  I am past childhood but have been asked by friends to help them get ready for formal events and help them tie their ties.  Much to my chagrin, I did not know how to tie a tie properly.  Now I can use this book to quickly remember how to tie a tie.  In this book, the story is fun, the font is playful, and the illustrations are emotional.  There is even a free song that goes along with the book.  You can find the catchy tune at, which the author sings with a nice crisp voice.  I liked this book very much and thought it was cute.  It's one of a kind.    

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