Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love" by Kathryn Cloward (illustrated by Christine Winscott)

This children's book features a young girl Kathryn the Grape who has a school assignment to write a short answer about how she helps the world.  Kathryn gets extremely nervous and is worried she won't have anything to write by the time the teacher asks everyone to share.  Then her magical butterfly friend Maggie helps her not to worry.  Negative thought are compared to dams built by beavers.  Kathryn meditates and then uses her magical devices to push her worry away.  She eventually comes up with something to share with the class on how she helps the world.  What other students write is also included in the book.  The illustrations are nice, and the book holds your attention.  There is a nice theme of love and kindness and even equality (there is great gender and ethnic diversity in the book).  However, another theme--which I'm sure you've already picked up on--is magic.  Some do not want their children reading anything that refers to magic or new-age concepts.  Others think it's no big deal.  Decide for yourself.     

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