Monday, April 15, 2013

"If you were me and lived in Mexico" by Carole P. Roman

This book is just one in a series about different world countries.  This one focuses on Mexico.  It is simple enough for children to understand, but, to be honest, people of all ages can learn from this book series.  The book goes over the country's capital, geographic location, popular tourism sites, sports, and a major national / cultural holiday of that nation.  Readers will also learn some words in the native language of that country.  For this book, since we are in Mexico, reads learn some Spanish terms for names, monetary units, food, and more.  There is even a page in the very back of the book that helps readers with pronunciations if they are unsure how to say certain phrases that are used in the book.  As a children's book, I like how this book was geared to both girls and boys.  As we turn the pages, we see both the boy and girl characters getting involved in learning about Mexico.  This series is great in that it not only educates children on social studies but that it promotes peace and cultural / ethnic equality.  

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