Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Graceful" by Emily P. Freeman

This book is surprisingly real and candid.  The author works with young women, and--surprise, surprise--writes about real issues that young women face today.  What I particularly liked about this book was that the author classified young women.  We have the Actress, Girl Next Door, Activist, Heroine, Bystander, Judge, Intellectual, and Dreamer.  These classifications have to do with what women are afraid of, what they hold onto, and what they hide behind.  While the titles are mostly self-explanatory, the book goes into more detail.  Freeman analyzes the types of masks that young women all wear.  She gives real-life advice and shares stories that are embarrassing and shameful.  However, she leaves no detail out and holds nothing back.  Bible verses are quoted every now and then, and the theme of finding value in Christ is reiterated over and over again.  This book is a great read for young women.  It is a great book for women to read in a group as they each identify which "mask" they wear and how to remove it.      

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