Sunday, January 13, 2013

"20,000 Days and Counting" by Robert D. Smith

This is a nice self-help book about making each day count.  The chapters are very short, and some pages are devoted to just a quote.  With around 100 pages, this leads to a very short book that can be conquered in as little as a day or just 5 minutes every day if you like to spread out your reading.  There was a big theme of "live as if you would die tomorrow" and "make each day count."  The themes in this book were great.  However--here comes the however--I do not think this book is worth the $14.99 which it retails for.  While this book boasts of being a "quick read," it lacks substantial information to make for a great reference book.  Also, the main ideas found in this book can be found on any self-help site.  This book is fun and well-written, but I do not think it's worth the cost.  That's just my opinion.

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