Sunday, December 16, 2012

"The Live | Dead Journal"

This book is a tough one to read.  It shares stories from countless missionaries who have risked their lives to share the Good News with unreached people groups.  This book particularly focuses on unreached people in Africa, most of whom are Muslim.  For 30 days, there are short passages from missionaries, which are often followed by descriptions of particular people groups.  This includes a photo of an indigenous person and a brief synopsis of the culture of that particular people group.  Interspersed throughout the book are several full-color photos and artwork.  There is even space in the book to journal each of the 30 days about your thoughts and responses to what you are reading.  This book will definitely give you a good dose of humility.  As you read each page, you will feel like you are in Africa, feeling the pain of the missionaries.

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