Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Placebo" by Steven James

This book is like a really long movie.  There is a host of characters, action, suspense, and plenty of scenes you definitely did not see coming.  It goes into the theoretical idea of how minds interact on the quantum level.  Call it scientific or call it new age--it will get you thinking.  I won't give away the plot.  You can read that your yourself...if you can keep up with all the twists and turns.  What I did not like was how this book got a bit racy at times.  I'm not going to say this book is X-rated, but I will say it is R-rated.  There were places where I would have liked scenes to be cleaner.  Additionally, when the book does mention God, it is not conclusive that He exists.  Also, when Jesus comes up, His Deity is not stressed nearly enough, and readers are left wondering.  Granted, these are CHARACTERS talking about Jesus, but still.  This book plot wasn't bad.  If it were a movie, I'm sure it'd get great reviews.  However, due to some racy scenes and violent episodes, I definitely would not recommend this to close friends.

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