Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Phariseectomy" by Peter Haas

This clever little book will have you half-chuckling, half-repenting.  With humor that is candid as can be, Haas confronts the slue of hypocrisies that plague the modern Church.  Most--but not all--of the hypocrisies spoken of have to do with church or church services.  These are mainly talking about how people criticize churches and promote their own agenda.  Then there were also the hypocrisies that are more general that have to do with guilt and shame.  What I do like was how Haas said that most people talk about "enduring our cross" and do not mention the "joy set before us" that is the reason why we "endure our cross."  That was a great point and really made me think.  I also liked how Haas said that we will follow the law out of faith when we truly love God, not because we are feeling like we "have to" follow the law.  I was a bit upset that Haas did not talk about the joy of celebrating the Sabbath or the Biblical Feasts, but at least he did not condemn those things or say that Christians shouldn't do them.  Overall, this book is nice.  It has a few typos here and there but nothing major doctrine-wise.  This book has more of a non-denominational feel to it and not so much a Messianic Jewish feel to it, but it still conveys the main points of grace and faith and the deity of the Messiah.

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