Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom" by Pattie Mallette with A.J. Gregory

I am going to be honest.  The only reason why I agreed to review this book is because I wanted to know the history of Justin Bieber's mom. I know Justin Bieber has a Yeshua tattoo, and I wanted to know where his faith came from.  As I learned the story of Pattie's faith, I was touched.  However, I did not see any Hebrew roots in her faith.  I did learn in the book, though, that Justin's manager is Jewish, and he is the one who influenced Justin's Hebrew perspective.  I'm not going to judge the heart of Justin or his mother.  I was just curious where the Hebrew roots came from.  This book did not really address that much.  That aside, the first half of this book is extremely sad.  The second half is pretty happy.  The first half goes into the sexual abuse that Pattie encountered at VERY young ages.  The stories in the pages are so horrid and depressing.  Pattie also discloses her relationships that were toxic in her youth.  The second half of the book focuses more on Justin and his musical success.  The middle of the book even has full-color photos.  If you like stories about redemption, you may like this book.  What I found particularly interesting is the part in the book where Pattie says a stranger came up to her and told her that God told him to tell her that she should work with "the Jewish man."  This was referring to Justin's manager, which the man had no idea about.  The man just came with his message.  Anyway, I was surprised that Pattie immediately thought this was a message from God.  I am not saying it wasn't.  I am just surprised that there seemed to be no discernment.  There are false prophets in the world, and we always need to be discerning.  Just because someone comes up to you with a message does not mean it is from God.  Again, I'm not discounting what she heard.  I'm just saying we should always use discernment and never blindly accept anything.  

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