Friday, November 16, 2012

"No More Fear" by Ashley Evans

What I liked about this book is that it started out giving some numerology lessons to the reader.  It talked about the significance of the number 40 in Scripture.  After that, there were 40 chapters for each reading day.  The chapters are so short that one can either read the book in one sitting or just take 5min out of each day to read the section.  The author gives insight into breaking the power of fear.  Stories like David and Goliath are analyzed, which comes as no surprise since that is a popular story about conquering fear.  The reading style at times sounds like a self-help book, but I suppose that it inevitable considering the nature of what this book aims to address: fear.  The author gives some personal stories every now and then and even gives suggestions for readers on specific actions to take to live more fully in their God-give role of authority.  There were times when I thought this book emphasized man's power to overcome fear too much.  However, at the end of the book, the author reminds people to remember that all our help comes from God and not ourselves.  At the back of the book, there are also intriguing discussion questions, as well as lists of Scripture verses quoted that deal with fear, which I liked.  I like the cover, too, but I'm not supposed to judge covers, right?  ;)

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