Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Alone" by Andy Braner

This book is geared at young adults, teens, and preteens.  However, the underlying message can apply to readers of all ages.  This book deals with the loneliness that is in the aftermath of the social networking revolution.  With hundreds of friends on facebook, people still feel "friendless."  This book addresses those issues as well as several societal issues related to "fitting in."  It talks about joy, community, real men, real women, addictions, and much more.  There is Bible quoted every so often.  For those not familiar with the Bible, there is enough Scripture to get them thinking but not too much to overwhelm them.  While Braner heavily quotes from the New Testament, I did enjoy how he brought up stories from the Old Testament and connected them to modern day issues.  This book isn't too long, and it is to the point. 

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