Monday, October 29, 2012

The High Calling Newsletter

From October 24 2012
 (, there are quite a few helpful articles posted.  They aren't really all that Biblical in terms of quoting Scripture.  Some articles do not even quote any verses.  But they still shine through with positive messages of kindness and helping others.  Emotions come out of the screen as you feel like you are in the narrator's shoes.  One articles on micromanagement was particularly interesting because it made readers think about why others do what they do.  Some people may come off as pushy, and knowing their psychology makes it easier to show them kindness and sympathy instead of just getting annoyed at them.  Another articles talks about how little actions count.  The actions mentioned in the article are not too life-changing, but they will make readers wonder, "Why are little things I could do in my life that will make a big difference over time?".  I like the article about how kids teach adults about the love of God.  I won't spoil it for you.  You can watch the video that accompanies the writing.  I really liked the article about doing something with your life instead of just sitting around wasting time.  The article described a friend of mine to the tee, so this article was very relatable for me.  There are other articles on the newsletter.  Go read them.  While you're at it, read the newsletters of other weeks.  If you want some entertainment and solid news, know that this is a clean source of reading material.  

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