Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Flight of Fancy" bu Laurie Alice Eakes

I am not going to lie.  I originally suggested to review this book because I like aeronautics.  So, I commenced my reading.  And I must say, I really enjoyed this book.  Sometimes books like these give me the vibe that they'll be books for "hopeless romantics."  I'm not going to say there was no romance in this book.  However, I did not find it overly cheesy.  I also did not find it graphic either, which is good.  What I enjoyed was Eakes' writing style.  You could really tell that she research the time period of the Luddites, as well as the science of hot-air balloons of the time.  There were stories within stories.  There were several characters, but the story never got overwhelming to the point where it was hard to keep up.  I fell into Eakes' world that she penned and found myself enjoying the story.  I will not give away the plot.  You can go on any website to look that up.  What I am giving you is my opinion of the book.  It is heartwarming and full of action / suspense, too.  A great book.  I read it within a couple of days, and so should you.  :)

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