Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?" by Tom Doyle with Greg Webster

This book immediately got my attention and managed to hold it.  It is about Muslims having dreams and visions of Christ.  What I like about this book is that it does not just focus on Muslims in America.  It deals mostly with people in the Middle East.  The pages comes alive as history and culture collide to give the reader a full grasp of what is going on in the Muslim world.  The stories are from both men and women.  Excitement enters the pages as readers learn firsthand the dangers of converting to Christianity in Islam nations.  After reading about the horror stories of converts, Christians are given a wake-up call about the devotion of their own faith.  If they lived in a country that physically persecuted Christians, would they still hold to their beliefs?  I will not give away all the details of each story, but they will be on your mind for a while.  What's also great is that the end of the book has tips on loving and befriending Muslims.  Muslims--like any other people group--need the love of Christ displayed to them.

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