Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Because You Care: Spiritual Encouragement for Caregivers" by Cecil Murphey with Twila Belk (with photographs by Betty Fletcher)

This is a very nice little gift book for those who are caregivers.  It is short and has nice glossy pages.  The photography is also very vibrant.  The font is also easy on the eyes.  The book goes over various perspectives on caregiving, from caring for spouses to caring for parents to even--sadly--caring for children.  From those who are just plain ill to those who will never get better (and just get worse), the true stories in this book will tug at your heart.  The stories are quick, but they convey emotion.  There is some Bible quoted every so often for encouragement.  This is not a book stock-full of Bible verses to encourage caretakers.  It does not even get too theologically deep.  It is a simple book for simple people who are caregivers. 


Gotta Tell Gail said...

Thanks for sharing this helpful and practical book.

tk Fire said...

No problem. Thanks for visiting the site. :)