Friday, August 24, 2012

"The Power of the Prophetic Blessing" by John Hagee

This book is stock-full of history with regards to the prophetic.  There are some fascinating connections with the Old Testament and Yeshua. One chapter goes over how the story of Joseph in Genesis parallels the story of Yeshua (of course, only to a degree).  That was quite fascinating.  Tons of Bible verses are quoted, which is nice.  Abortion and other modern topics are discussed, as well, with a lot of passion on the author's part.  What I particularly liked was how Hagee emphasized the history and fulfilled prophecy of the Jews--even going back to the 12 blessings of Israel's sons in Genesis and how they are fulfilled in modern history.  Hagee also talks of loving Jews and being at peace with them.  The history that Hagee goes into for the Jewish people and Israel is great.  There were little errors here and there in the book.  In one instance, the book of Jeremiah is listed as being from the Torah.  The Torah is just the 5 books of Moses (first 5 books of the Bible).  The whole OT is collectively known as the Tanach, which would include Jeremiah.  My main criticism is when Hagee talks about the Name of "the Lord."  His Name ain't Lord.  Lord is just a title.  His Name is YHWH.  There are times when Hagee uses "Jehovah," which is also erroneous and not His true Name.  That aside, this book is very scholarly.  I particularly enjoyed the large print.

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