Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Rules of Engagement: Preparing for your role in the spiritual battle" by Derek Prince

For a book on spiritual warfare, this book ain't bad.  It focuses first on the reader's relationship with Christ.  Grace and basic theology is covered.  There is an emphasis on being re-created children of God that are redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.  While there is some talk of angels and demons and even the Genesis 6:4 incident, this book is not a go-to guide for exorcisms.  Still, it gives some good detail on the demonic realm.  I also like the word studies that are given every so often.  Scripture is heavily quoted, too, which is a plus.  My one complaint is when the author implies "Jehovah" is the Name of "the LORD."  This is untrue.  His Name is YHWH.  The word Jehovah comes from putting alternate vowel points on YHWH in an order to conceal the true pronunciation of the Name.  Plus, in Hebrew, Jehovah curses His real Name in Hebrew.  That aside, the book has some good points.  Always discern!

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