Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Miracles" by Tim Stafford

It's ironic how a story that centers around a man in a wheelchair getting healed has a man with crutches on the cover.  But I digress.  From the beginning of this book, Stafford sets some facts straight.  He is a Christian.  He believes in Jesus and believes in the Bible.  He is also a journalist.  He investigates what he hears and doesn't "just believe" without looking at the facts.  Throughout the book, some very real miracles are chronicled...along with some very fake miracles.  Aside from those juicy stories, Stafford also dives into deep questions.  What is healing / miracles for?  What is the difference between the natural and the supernatural?  Why do some people get healing / miracles while others do not?  Many other questions like these are expounded upon.  Are all the answers given?  No.  Some may only be answered on the other side of this life.  However, with Scripture and clear logic, Stafford takes a stab at dissecting this issues that keep many up at night.  This book is not too long, and the formatting is simple.  It's a good book for reading each night before you go to sleep.

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