Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"inSignificant" by Chris Travis

At first glance, this book seems like any other Christian self-help book for those that are depressed or don't feel they have any worth.  And, that is partly true.  However, what makes this book different is that the author draws on his experiences teaching at at-risk high school in NYC.  When you read the book, you are put in his shoes and begin to see through his eyes.  What starts out as aggravation and annoyance teaching "delinquents" turns into sympathy and compassion as you learn that many at-risk kids have no hope and no self-worth.  When ethnicity comes into the picture, the story becomes even more sad.  It's one thing to have low self-esteem.  It's quite another thing to think you're not good enough just because of what you look like or where your parents came from.  Through anecdotes that are painfully honest, Travis chronicles his story of seeing at-risk kids as bothersome to seeing them as significant children of YHWH.  This book will touch your heart.  It will be hard to read at times, but it will remind you that EVERYONE is special in YHWH's eyes.  No one is too far gone for grace.  We all have special gifts and talents.  No one is "insignificant."  

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