Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Everything the Bible says about PRAYER"

This book is skinny, but--wowza--is it packed!  Chapter after chapter is stock-full of verses on prayer.  Each chapter just has a paragraph or two from the writers.  The rest of each chapter is straight verses from the Bible.  From Old Testament to New Testament, this book covers a lot of bases when it comes to prayer.  Does this book have EVERY verse on prayer?  I have no idea...but it sure has a lot of verses!  I like how the book is split into categories.  There are parts about how to pray, how YHWH hears us, adversity, blessings, and much more.  Numerous translations are quoted at the discretion of the compilers for this book.  I liked how every now and then some translation would throw in "Yahweh."  Some translations like "The Message" were fun for comprehension but aren't the most accurate.  For instance, Proverbs 30:4 is quoted in The Message.  Instead of the correct "what is His  Son's Name?" we have "what are the names of his sons?".  Now, I'm all for dumbing things down so people can understand, but why is the Son changed to sons?  This completely changes the main idea of the verse, which is talking about Yeshua--the Messiah.  

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