Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Cruel Harvest" by Fran Grubb

Man, is this a sad book.  As the pages turned, there were times my jaw literally dropped open and tears spilled from my eyes.  The incredibly difficult life Grubb lived will leap off the pages and make you want to console her.  Throughout the memoir, readers will learn of abuse and molestation and shattered self-esteem.  Worst of all is that most of the story is told through the eyes of a child--Grubb in her youth.  Also fascinating is Grubb's faith in the book.  There is no specific account of why she believed in Yeshua.  We just know she did and never gave up.  I suppose when you've got nothing left and no one to help you, you can only turn to the Creator of the Universe.  Also fascinating is the fact that Grubb managed to marry later in life after all the abuse she suffered.  The bulk of the book's details revolve around the bad events, and there is not much explanation for the good events.  This book will remind readers that they don't "have it that bad."  They will be encouraged by Grubb.  If she could survive years of abuse and molestation from her father, then readers can get through their rough patches.  There is hope for us all, and Grubb's story is inspirational.  Most fascinating of all is that she forgave her father and even referred to him as "Daddy" all throughout the book.  Reminds me of when Yeshua called Judas "friend" even as he betrayed Him.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank this reviewer and let you know that there is another book planned to explain what happened after I escaped at fourteen and how I lived on my own. I felt I needed to explain how I was able to forgive. I did not have enough space in this one book to go into great detail. Forgiveness was not easy and took much time and years of mistakes and living hard. I always had faith and trusted God even when I didn't know Him. Someone said that faith is not faith untl it's all you're holding on to. Faith and hope is all I had. This book has touched many lives. They have written to let me know some of their own issues and everyone wanted to get past the hurt and anger. The only way I know to do this is to forgive and let God judge the ones who hurt us. The one thing I can promise anyone who wants to get bitterness, anger and deep hurt out of their life, is to let go of it. I refused to stay in the pit. I forgave and gave it to the only one who can and will judge him. Some people refuse to forgive because they feel doing so is "letting the abuser off the hook". Forgiveness in no way says that the person who hurt you should not pay for their sins or that they are not accountable and will not be judged. They will be judged. Just not by me. Forgivness gives you back the life and dignity that was taken and you are free to live and love.

Teresa Konopka said...

That's great. Thank you for being an excellent role model to those in tough situations. When your other book comes out and you want a review, please do not hesitate to contact me. May YHWH bless you.