Thursday, August 23, 2012

"An Invitation to the Supernatural Life" by Michele Perry

Whenever I read books like these that focus on the "supernatural" and "visions" and "revelations," I always try to go in with a discerning mindset.  Fortunately, I thought this book did a pretty good job.  When angels were mentioned, the author said not to pray to them or worship them.  When the book of Enoch was quoted, Perry was clear to note it as history and not as part of the canon of Scripture.  I wish she would have mentioned how--due to the time-frame of how late the book of Enoch was written--the book of Enoch has little historic credibility as being written by Enoch himself.  But I digress.  Perry also talks of her encounters in other countries during mission work.  She is even candid on her personal struggles and medical issues as a child.  I particularly liked the parts where adopted children were discussed.  That touched my heart.  For what Perry talks about, she is mostly spot-on.  Are her visions real?  I have no idea.  I didn't see them.  What I did like, though, was how she said that when she saw Jesus, He was not Caucasian but looked Middle-Eastern.  I liked that.  Yeshua was a Jew, so that is good to hear.  Overall, this is a fun book for learning about the supernatural.  It won't tell you everything about the heavenly realms, but it's a good starter book for those interested in the "supernatural life." 

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