Thursday, July 19, 2012

"The Searchers" by Joseph Loconte

This is going to be a hard review to write.  This book is "Christian."  It has some Bible in it and talks about the importance of Jesus.  That's all great and lovely.  The reason why I am not giving this book a great review is because--I'm sorry to say this--I found it boring.  Now, that's not to say everyone will find it boring.  For the philosophical reading type people who adore literature, this will make an excellent coffee-shop book.  I don't even like coffee.  Jokes aside, I felt like this book was a collection of essays.  It is not a story but rather a bunch of ideas from history and literature (even quoting pagan literature; oh my!) that talk about man's quest for the divine.  The Road to Emmaus story is the backbone to make connections.  I'm sure someone will love this book.  However, for me, it just didn't cut it in terms of being a page-turner.

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