Sunday, April 15, 2012

"I Blame Eve" by Susanna Foth Aughmon

This book focuses on the notion of how one of the curses associated with the Fall was women's desire to control. Aughmon combats the destructive ideas that women have to be perfect and have to have everything "under control." She also talks a bit about spiritual warfare (although not in blatant terms) about women believing lies of society that are only deceptions in the mud. The notion of not being satisfied in life, living in denial, being at "rock bottom," selfishness, depression, and more are discussed. Humorously, even the notion of a painful child-birthing process is discussed. The book is fairly spiritual but not very verse-heavy. While the writing is witty, I do not think it is as humorous as other reviews have remarked. Is it funny? Sure. Is it the funniest thing I've ever read? No. It has its serious moments, as well, that will really make women stop and look at themselves in the mirror, wondering what this monster is that they've become.

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