Sunday, February 12, 2012

"Real Marriage" by Grace and Mark Driscoll

This book has some pros and cons. For instance, I love how it speaks about how real marriages start as genuine friendships. It goes into love and respect a bit, too, which is nice. I like the phrase "boys who can shave" when the authors speak of males who refuse to "man-up." The book also dives into the dangers of pornography, the inherent badness of abuse / how to deal with it to heal, and how spouses ought to be selfless servants. What I did not particularly like was how the authors took select verses from Song of Songs to insinuate that certain sexual acts (I dare not even repeat) are Biblically lawful. It's one thing to think that certain phrases have a particular allegorical counterpart. However, if that is not backed up in some other part of the Bible, I do not think we ought to say "well ---- is symbolic of ----, so it's okay to do ------." I'm sure the authors had good intentions, but this book was just plain perverted in certain areas of the text. Yikes.

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