Friday, November 25, 2011

"Praying for your Future Husband" by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

When I first got this book, I sighed, rolled my eyes, and thought, "Oh, no, not another self-help book for how women can find Christian men. I'm sick and tired if these books." However, when I started to get into the book, I was pleasantly surprised. The pages flew by, and I grew in the process. The book focuses on praying for your future husband and yourself. There are many Scriptural verses that fit perfectly in the context of each chapter. The authors even give personal stories from their own lives with what they've learned. There are discussion questions and suggested prayers and other women's perspectives. Women who read this book will pray over their husband and be changed. Even if they never get married, they will grow immensely in this process. To keep yourself pure and pray for others while sprinting after God is a beautiful thing.

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