Monday, November 28, 2011

Names of GOD Bible

I was so excited when I got this Bible in the mail. Now, I've read NLT's "In His Image" Bible where the names of God are off to the side in fancy font every now and then for readers to learn from and in the back for quick reference. I've even used Young's Literal Translation as a reference where I found the occasional Jehovah and Jah in the Word. However, this is the first Bible I've acquired so far that actually inserts the names of God in the actual text itself. They are in the verses in bold brown font to make them really stick out. Also, to my delight, there are inserts with what the names mean WITH the actual Hebrew or Greek scripts. The names of God are original. What do I mean by this? One example is that the Hebrew name of God is Yahweh. Many English translations made it Jehovah (claiming that is easier for English speakers to pronounce). Now, I know God goes by many names, but to have the original is a bit exciting. GOD's Word translation is very easy to understand. I'm not going to lie and say it's the MOST accurate. Modern translations do lose some stuff (like Zech 2:5 using "it" instead of "she" as to not confuse those who know Zion is portrayed as a female). For the most accuracy on any verse, one ought to look up the Hebrew and Greek. But to learn the names of God with a very easy to understand translation like this is great. Also, this Bible is not as expensive as other Names of God Bibles I've seen so far. Get this and read it!

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