Thursday, November 10, 2011

"His Princess" by Sheri Rose Shepherd

This tiny book can fit into your purse or backpack. It has that hardcover that is soft, if you know what I am talking about. The pages are glossy with nice colors, imagery, and flowers. Some visuals are repeated, though. What is best about this though, is the content. Each page last a paragraph that is supposed to be God's love letter to you and a Scripture verse. The way in which these are written really touches the heart. The Bible verses are written in contemporary translations, so they are very easy to understand. The book is great for those who want quick devotionals, as each left and right page can be for a day. Or, if one prefers, they can read the whole book in one sitting, as I did. A complaint I have, though, is that when Psalm 27:4 was quoted, the part about being in the House of the LORD was there, but the part about staring on the pleasantness of Jehovah was plain left out.

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