Sunday, October 2, 2011

God Girl Bible

While every possible "type" of Bible is geared towards a different audience, I love how the cover of this Bible is mostly plain yet girly with the only words being "God Girl Bible" on the bottom. There is no other nonsense written on the cover to distract, which is nice. This Bible comes in a nice box when you get it in the mail, and the hardcover binding seems pretty durable thus far. The Bible is not pocket-sized, but it is small enough to be read comfortably in bed. For those familiar with other "God Girl" books, they will know how pretty the pages are. From flowers to designs and prints, these pages are anything but plain white. There are little devotionals, explanations, definitions, and more in this book. GOD's Word Translation, which is implemented here, is pretty accurate while still being understandable. The concordance is wonderful. It lists emotions, topics, and so much more. This is an excellent Bible study tool for women of all ages.

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