Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Muscular Faith" by Ben Patterson

There is a plethora of advice for readers in this slim book. From trusting God to praying to reading Scripture to generally drawing close to God, this book has it all. Bible verses are quoted, and the commentary given by the author is indeed insightful. Personal stories are not the highlight of the book, but some ones are included for your leisure. While one could argue the point that faith is a spiritual gift and thus can't be "worked on," I'm sure everyone can agree that we must acknowledge God and that it is our job to love Him, which goes back to Him anyway with 1 john 4:19. Either way, this book is a great resource for those that want "faith" verses and examples from the Bible. It would also make a nice gift. For those that want a more muscular faith, maybe some benchpressing is in order. After all, some hardcover Bibles are quite hefty. God bless!

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