Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Surprised by Oxford" by Carolyn Weber

As anyone can find from a simple Google search, this book is about a woman's journey of finding God at Oxford. Now, as a young person in a collegiate setting, this got my attention, and I eagerly suggested the book. The book came in the male like a brick. Don't let the paperback cover fool you. This 400+ book packs a whollop. When I read the "author info" printed, I saw Weber was a student of literature. After getting through the first chapter, I was not blown away. Thus, I thought this was the work of a well-meaning woman who was simply trying too hard to be brilliant. So, I confess, I skimmed the second chapter. However, after skimming it, key words and phrases popped out at me and made me re-read the second chapter. I was hooked and actually began to like her style of writing. The rest of the book flew by. As a professional book reviewer, I must say I do speed read when time gets the best of me, but rarely am I compelled to re-read what I thought was skimmable. This is saying something. Anyway, for the plot, it is real. After all, this is a memoir of sorts. What I enjoyed was Weber's candid honesty--even if she confessed to changing some characters' names for privacy issues. What was also interesting was how she viewed men both before and after her conversion. This book is a splendid tale of love that knows no bounds. Read it.

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