Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Seeing the Unseen" by TW Hunt

The captivating water scene captured my attention (I confess to being a fluid dynamicist at times) as did the simple yet captivating title. Who doesn't want to know more about seeing God? Anyway, I read and picked up on Hunt's theological arguments, which were both sound and not very controversial. I looked up Scripture he quoted from time to time, which was unique. Clever Christian authors will paraphrase Bible verses so that readers recall it or get the gist for some verses but be more vague for other verses to get readers to crack open their Bibles for themselves. Whether or not this was intention--well done. Also, by the time I was nearing the end of the book, I realized I had not learned anything new about seeing God in terms of steps to take or how to be more mystical / holy. Then, I realized that I instead came to learn how to draw closer to God and be more in tune with His Spirit. Seeing the unseen. This book is short and ingenious.

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