Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Dressing with Dignity" by Colleen Hammond

When I picked this book up, I had high hopes and expectations. Modesty isn't always written about in Christian circles, and the back cover doted information about the author that listed her as an image consultant and beauty queen. I open the book and on the dedication page, guess who the book is dedicated to? Not Jesus but Mary--who she claims is born without sin even though this is nowhere in the Bible and directly contradicts Romans 3:23. Anyway, I kept on reading. Discussions about fashion were informative but no pictures were given. What was interesting was the results of psychology tests that showed that men's eyes went right to the crotch when women wore pants. Also fascinating was how the author quoted the Freemasonry occult in having a hand in the decline of women's modesty. I did not like the suggestions of praying with saints / angels (Bible says do not communicate with God and to pray only to Him). Also, the author referenced that appearances of the Virgin Mary were always modest. Need I quote 2 Cor 11:14-15? If the real Mary came for a visit, I highly doubt she would instill prayer beads (pagan origin) with repetitious prayer that the Lord does not prefer (Matthew 6:7). For readers that want a book on Christian modesty, I recommend "Fashioned by Faith" that I reviewed in the past.


Mr. Common Sense said...

I believe that you should review your Christian belief system before Ms. Hammond's book. You are way off base with your conclusions. If you would like, I will direct you to the Catholic roots in the Bible addressing all your concerns. After all, from where did you get the Bible and all the knowledge you profess? The Catholic Church!

Mark said...

God commands us to honor our mother and our father. Jesus Christ followed this law perfectly in honoring his mother Mary. Why do you find that so difficult? In addition, we read in Luke that "all generations will call me blessed" which refers to Mary. Do you call her blessed and treat her as such? Seems to me that if you dishonor the Mother of God, you dishonor the Son.

And how do you find it so difficult to believe that Mary, the Ark of the New Convenant -- Jesus Christ -- was born without sin? Was not Eve born without sin? How is it that Our Lord would allow himself to be nourished in the womb of a body whose soul is tainted with sin? That would be like putting the Ten Commandments in an ark made of dung. If the Lord did it for Eve, you can be sure He did it for Mary.

Colleen Hammond said...

Teresa, here's more info on the study detailing where the male eyes go:

Here's another study you may find useful--men think of immodestly dressed women as objects:

As to your misunderstandings about Catholicism, I'll save that for antoerh day. God bless you, and thank you for reading my book AND for your interest in modesty!

romanreb said...

Of course the book is dedicated to Mary. Who better for a Christian girl to emulate than the mother of Christ? The author's intent was not to instill manly virtues in ladies!

Teresa Konopka said...

I was raised Catholic and know the logic used. While I disagree with many tenets, I do respect how Catholics at least acknowledge Jesus as God (unlike Mormons, Christian Scientists, and other "sects"). With Is 65:17, I'm sure none of us will remember these little disagreements. Also, I'm sure there are small ways we all--including myself--contradict the Bible in ignorance.

For the whole praying to Mary, the Bible tells us not to communicate with the dead. One could argue that this doesn't apply to Mary because she's "good," but one only has to look at Saul's consultation with the dead Samuel (a holy prophet we'd put on par with the most pious saints); he was still punished for communicating with the dead. Mary and the saints are dead, and we are not to communciate with them. Simple as that.

I admire Mary--the true servant of Christ. The Bible never mentions her being born without sin. She was just a container. The ark of the covenant wasn't "good enough" for God. God's being in the covenant made it holy. Without it, it was just a hunk of wood and gold. Mary did not need to be sinless to carry the Savior; she was merely a vessel. Also, no sinful seed could trace into Jesus' blood since He was placed in Mary by the Holy Spirit and not by intercourse with some sinful man. Additionally, the Word says the Holy Spirit dwells in each one of us. We do not have to be sinless for God to dwell in the dirty temples of our souls.

I mean no disrespect to Mary, but I sincerely believe the "apparitions" were not her. Why would she promote rosaries with repetitious prayer that God doesn't like, some of which were to her--which would contradict God's law of communicating with the dead? Something else that gets me is that OT people knew they needed a medium to consult the dead. Why do modern Christians think they have some sort of ESP to contact these saints? Also, who's to say Mary can hear me over you if we pray to her at the same time? Only God is omniscient. Also, if there's a possibility you're not channeling Mary / saints, what exactly are you conjuring up? It could be demonic. Why is it so hard to beleive a wolf in sheep's clothing could put on a Mary costume? Trickery has gone on with anti-Christs posing as Jesus (Mormons said they saw Jesus), so why not with false Mary's?

For Coleen, thank you for the links and remaining very respectable.