Thursday, May 5, 2011

iShine NLT Bible

While these Bibles are marketed towards tweens (that is, pre-teenage youngsters), I daresay anyone will enjoy them, regardless of age. Having read the New Living Translation of the Bible earlier this year, I know how well the thoughts of God are conveyed to the reader. Meaning is not lost, but there are none of the complexities of old English to mess people up. These soft leather-bound Bibles have excellent detail on the cover. The front in the picture is actually just a paper case. The left one has a mark of a boy rocking out to guitar with sparks flying. The right one has stars and flowers with three girls holding hands. Even though these Bibles are small (about 6in x 4in x 1in), they still include all the books of the Bible with footnotes, inserts, and fun concordances in the back. I'm really excited that I got these to review. Usually, I underline my Bible and read it from start to finish. Once I'm done, I just peruse whatever I feel like. With two new and unmarked Bibles, I'll have incentive to read my Bible start to finish in order two more times. Bravo. God is great (Rev 19:13).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Revise Us Again" by Frank Viola

In this Biblically sound short book, Viola puts his foot down on many Christian practices. He urges readers to come back to the main attraction that is Christ Jesus and to actually walk the walk they talk. Some topics gone over are lax Christians versus judgemental Christians, claiming to have revelation from God, saying one will pray about something, adhering only to one denomination's set rules about Jesus, and more. Sometimes the Bible verses are quoted, and other times they are just referenced. With an uncanny voice for the truth, Viola will make readers really take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror and see if they actually see Christ.