Monday, March 14, 2011

"Money and Marriage" by Matt Bell

I'm sure it's no surprise to people that most marriages end due to fiscal altercations. Bell's book aims to give couples (engaged or married) the tools to live happily together and not fight about money. Bible verses and principles are quoted when necessary, and the book is clearly organized. Surveys and charts are given, and economic terms are defined. There are even prompted questions meant for couples to go through together. My only criticism is that in the section that covers giving, Bell discusses being blessed for giving. While God does say He will bless us when we give generously, people should not give away money / possessions just because they think they'll get a reward; also, the reward may not come in this life. Besides that, the book is a good reference for couples to use. There is even personal advice from the author and other personal accounts that readers can relate to.

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