Saturday, March 5, 2011

"The Grad's Guide to Surviving Stressful Times" from TH1NK

When I chose to review this book, I figured it'd be another self-help book for Christian teens ready to make their transition from high school to college. My mind was tumbled and turned upside down when I finally began reading the book. Does it discuss how to cope with stress and college like the title suggests? Yes. However, what's unique is that the book focuses on the Book of Daniel from the Bible. Verses are dissected, and readers learn how this prophet was not too different from them. Readers learn about Daniel's childhood and adolescence, how he was taken from home, how he had a close-knit group of friends, how he got his first job, how he relied on God, and how he never once stood by or succumbed to peer pressure that would involve denying his God--even in the face of death. This book will make readers really relate to the Daniel of the Bible and learn that stories from the Bible can definitely be related to their own lives. Superb.

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