Thursday, March 24, 2011

"The Chasm" by Randy Alcorn

Wowza, is there a lot of symbolism in this book! The protagonist Nick is in some sort of land that relates to Earth. There is a big chasm separating him from Charis. Charis is this great city of light and laughter that seems to represent Heaven. Throughout his journeys, Nick meets several different people. The reader has a fun time discerning who is really a friend and who is really a foe. Spiritual warfare is heavy in this book, and the illustrations are not for the faint of heart. When it comes to Jesus and the Crucifixion, there is also a plot event that correlates to it. It is not exactly the same in the sense that the story is in AD30 Middle East. However, Alcorn paints a vivid picture that makes the Passion easy to understand, especially for those that are not exactly Bible scholars. Also, at the end of the book, there are discussion questions and even a short list of Bible verses to guide the reader. I knew Alcorn was an apologetic theologian, but I had no idea how well he could write Christian fiction that impacts readers. Plus, at just over 100 pages, this book is short and easy to read.

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