Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"TrueFaced" by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, & John S Lynch

I've read a lot of theology books as a Christian reviewer, and this one is good. It revolves around grace and talks a lot about how people--Christian or otherwise--tend to put up masks that hide their real identity. People like to appear independent and polished on the outside when they are really rotting on the inside. Two rooms are used in this book. One is the Room of Good Intentions, and the other is the Room of Grace. The former involves works and trying to make God love us; the latter is where God's forgiveness transforms you and you come to grow into a deeper relationship with the Only One who loves you with unrelenting love that can never be diminished. My only criticism on this book is that it does not address trying to combat sin. The angle is that one should rest in grace. Granted, when one is fully in grace, they should want to obey God and be better about not sinning. Still, the book does a good job in showing readers to reveal their true selves and be TrueFaced in every sense of the word. The way I see it, if you never take off your mask, you may be preventing others from seeing God shine through you. Love Christ; He deserves it.

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