Monday, February 7, 2011

"The Promises She Keeps" by Erin Healy

Wowza; this book is good. The narration jumps between characters and intertwines their lives. Promise is a young singer with a terminal disease. Chase is an autistic artist who prophesizes and is a Christian. Chelsea is Chase's sister who takes care of him with the help of hired Wes. Porta is an old witch (literally) who is seeking to find immortality. Zack is Porta's son who is infatuated with Promise but has drug problems that try to mask his strained relationship wit his mother. Anyway, through a series of near death collisions, Porta thinks Promise has eternal life. She manipulates her and involves her in pagan rituals. Chase loves Promise and tries to warn her about Porta's evil. Chase also prophesizes and predicts a few deaths. Anyway, through a whole hodgepodge of co-connected events, the climax rises. Several religious themes are embedded. To get into the plot would take too long, but I assure you I took my time with this book and enjoyed it very much so. There are no romantic scenes, so younger readers may enjoy this book. There is also a discussion guide at the end with questions.

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