Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"This Is Your Brain In Love" by Dr. Earl Henslin

This book primarily deals with love in marriage, so it is not recommended for younger readers. The science included in it ranges from nutrition to neuroscience and is not too complicated--just a bit of extra vocabulary. Couples and marriages in broken down into categories that are interesting to say the least. The way the book is arranged, it is half story and half self-help. I believe the author wants married couples to be more happy and in love. There is some spirituality in the book, but it is by no meas a treatise on theology. Brain imbalances are covered a bit and are presented in an unbiased fashion that do not cast shame. Extra sections that deal with hormonal women and addicted men may be offensively pigeonholing to some or helpful to some. I wouldn't take every bit of advice to my heart when married, but it is an intriguing book that will make people perk up their eyebrows and go "Huh?"

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